since 2017
Designer: Alisa Menkhaus

Susumu Ai is a Japanese #8211; German fusion brand that offers a range of womenswear and accessories. Susumu Ai has a strong family background. Its direct translation means ‘continuous love’ which is very important to our company as we believe in a love that stretches beyond time and place.

It is the devotion to detail, the preservation of Japanese craft, the love for their grandfather, and the vision of these siblings that create Susumu Ai. Our design is contemporary yet traditional, modern yet timeless. We only use carefully selected high-quality fabrics sourced entirely from Japan.

Company Contact
Susumu Ai GmbH
Heidenelkenweg 55
10%thinsp;365 Berlin
T. +49 (0)30 921 565 12
M. +49 (0)178 608 23 50

Viktoria Jung
T. +49 (0)30 921 565 12

Alisa Menkhaus
T. +49 (0)30 921 565 12