Designer: Susann Bosslau

A/W 2021-22

A/W 2020-21

Schmiede Bosslau was founded in 1836 by Friedrich Bosslau in Dissen in Brandenburg, Germany. Back then, the traditional, family-owned blacksmith workshop produced farming tools and fitted horses with horseshoes.
Almost 200 years later, designer Susann Bosslau – who is a direct descendant of Friedrich and the first woman in the family to work in that field — launched her brand Schmiede Bosslau Jewellery. Using the handcrafted machines and tools her great-grandfathers built centuries ago, the peculiar high-end accessories pay homage to the many generations who came before her.

Company Contact
Schmiede Bosslau
Am Carlsgarten 12
10 318 Berlin
M. +49 (0)176 613 713 06

Katrin Vellrath
T. +49 (0)30 639 624 210