Womenswear, since 2009
Designer: Mira von der Osten

A/W 2018-19

Photo Credit: Kari Kjøsnes

S/S 2017

Photo Credit: Jessica Barthel

A/W 2016-17

Photo Credit: Anna Rosa Krau

S/S 2016

Photo Credit: Anna Rosa Krau

A/W 2015-16

Photo Credit: Anna Rosa Gau

CRUBA stands for Create a Resolution by Using a Berlin Argument. What began as a starting point for working in Berlin is now a vantage point. The line of luxury women’s wear is indelibly linked to Berlin.

Designer Mira von der Osten takes much inspiration from the city itself. What does it mean to create luxury goods in a city with a distinctly anti-consumer environment? It means designing and producing products to last, pieces that endure through seasons and trends.

Company Contact
Auguststr. 28
10 117 Berlin
T. +49 (0)30 260 766 71
M. +49 (0)172 656 52 70

Caroline Wurlitzer
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Mira von der Osten
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