S/S 2014

Photo Credit: William Minke/Alexander Palacios

At Bobby Kolade, dressing is about being spontaneous and sensual, while exuding an air of cool elegance. Inside and out, garments are meticulously finished in Germany, encouraging the wearer to individualise them. The focus is on how rather than what.

The winner of the Start Your Fashion Business 2013 Award in Berlin, Bobby Kolade was born in Sudan to German-Nigerian parents and raised in Uganda before moving to Berlin in 2005. He enrolled at the Berlin Univerisity of the Arts and gained further training in Paris at Maison Martin Margiela and Balenciaga between 2010 and 2012.

Bobby Kolade’s work draws on finding correlations between different cultural inheritances, ethnicities, and social conformities. His debut collection challenges a common notion of ‘Germanness’: order, control, structure and discipline —using Ugandan bark cloth, among other unique textiles, to translate age-old traditions into a contemporary wardrobe.

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Bobby Kolade
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Bobby Kolade
T. + 49 (0) 176 209 154 48