Womenswear & Accesories, since 2007
Designer: Antje Pugnat

A/W 2024-25

A/W 2020-21

Photo Credit: Lydia Gorges

A/W 2016-17

Photo Credit: Linda Hanses & Friedhelm Hoffmann

S/S 2016

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A/W 2015-16

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S/S 2015

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A/W 2014-15

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S/S 2014

Photo Credit: Dirk Hoffmann

PUGNAT: supersoft cashmere envelops a woman’s body, embracing her spirit. Structural design punctuates her vigor. Sensuality is bonded with strength. Finely-meshed machine-knitwear and sculptural hand-knit garments – two opposing halves reinforce each other.

PUGNAT knits sustainable luxury. Antje Pugnat is a sculptor working with cashmere. The time and care she invests into each piece is perceptible in its personality, finest quality and longevity. Each collection evokes the label’s feminine spirit. The Berlin Lable strongly believes in local and fair production, working with experienced hand knitters and valuing german producers that share ethical and ecological principles.

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Antje Pugnat
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Claudia Schönrock
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