Womenswear & Accesories, since 2007
Designer: Antje Pugnat

A/W 2020-21

A/W 2016-17

Photo Credit: Linda Hanses & Friedhelm Hoffmann

S/S 2016

Photo Credit: Jackie Hardt

A/W 2015-16

Photo Credit: Jackie Hardt

S/S 2015

Photo Credit: Jackie Hardt

A/W 2014-15

Photo Credit: Jackie Hardt

S/S 2014

Photo Credit: Dirk Hoffmann

PUGNAT knits luxury. With passion, artistry, and uncompromising quality, this label is devoted to the creation of beauty. Stitch by stitch, row by row, each garment acquires its tranquil power through the synergy of yarn and design. Timeless style concentrated to form treasured favorites. Filigree machine-knits and sculptural hand-knits are the poles that form the signature of this Berlin label. Fine materials, a spirit of inventiveness, and skilled craftsmanship are harmonized with local, sustainable production.

Company Contact
Potsdamer Str. 70, VH, 3.OG
10 785 Berlin
T. +49 30 26366994
M. +49 179 5229340

Yi-Chieh Lin
T. +49 30 26366994

Stephanie Kurz
M. +49 160 1577733