since 2015
Designer: Lea Huch
€ 199

S/S 2018

Photo Credit: Timo Schmitt, Maidje Meergans, Lea Huch

Projekt Samsen is a young creative bureau based in Berlin. Its principle is to develop new products and couple them with innovation. With a love for detail and longevity, the aim of its products is to combine new ideas with technology while maintaining timeless aesthetics and values.

With 001 Projekt Samsen developed a very light, flexible and comfortable spectacle frame, which is 3D printed as one single part. This innovative concept is the perfect everyday companion, offering sophistication, durability and timelessness.

Company Contact
Projekt Samsen GmbH
Feurigstr. 38
10 827 Berlin
T. +49 (0)176 458 765 70