A/W 2020-21

A/W 2014-15

Photo Credit: Christian Schwarzenberg

S/S 2014

Photo Credit: Corinna Lecca

A/W 2013-14

Photo Credit: Corina Lecca

Designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity, preferring not to define his fashion as a collection, but rather as a continuation of his larger body of work. The transitions from season to season build upon each other and his presentations are snap-shots within a fluid framework.

With this approach the designer blurs common fashion borders and creates transgresses ordinary fashion parameters such as seasons, trends and consumer ages. This approach is evident in the clarity of his designs, which are conceived directly on mannequins without the use of illustrations.

Company Contact
Michael Sontag
Manteuffelstr. 105
10997 Berlin
M. + 49 179 9715932

Müller PR & Consulting
Florian Müller
T. + 49 (0) 30 220 177 04

Prag Agency
Melanie Bauer
T. + 49 (0) 30 405 850 32