Designer: Katharina Susann Boßlau

A/W 2020-21

Susann Bosslau Lab was founded in 2019 by designer Susann Bosslau. With a strong family heritage in blacksmithing, Bosslau’s family legacy dates back to 1836. Now, as the first woman and the 7th generation in the family business SCHMIEDE BOSSLAU to take over in this field, she brings a unique and refreshing take on the traditional German handcraft of blacksmithing. Paying homage to the many generations before her using the over 100 years old handmade tools and the original blacksmith fire to create her jewelry.

Company Contact
Susann Bosslau Lab
Am Carlsgarten 12a
10 318 Berlin
M. +49 (0)176 613 713 06

Katrin Vellrath
T. +49 (0)30 639 624 210