Designer: Sonja Litichevskaya

S/S 2020

Photo Credit: Hieronymus Ahrens, Photo Assistant: Lara Ohl, Styling: Jade Sheils, H&M: Isabel Maria Simoneth, Models: Tanya & Thiago

S/S 2019

Photo Credit: Lara Ohl, Assistant: Hieronymus Ahrens, Models: Johanna and Marco, Styling: Francesca Simone, HMU: Alix Cora Stria

Litichevskaya is a unisex label from Berlin, which works at the intersection of art and fashion, taking inspiration from Russian avant-garde, Perestroika culture and Soviet space exploration.

The collections are dominated by geometric forms from the Russian avant-garde and Perestroika culture with symbols of revolution and slogans featuring elements such as 80s cuts, application and prints.

Everything is made in Germany in a small production.

Company Contact
Mainzerstr. 9
12053 Berlin
M. +49 (0)160 949 894 21

Sonja Litichevskaya
M. +49 (0)160 949 894 21

Sonja Litichevskaya
M. +49 (0)160 949 894 21