Designer: Johanna Gauder

Johanna Gauder is a German product designer and goldsmith. Her eponymous label is a link between both disciplines with an aim to find a balance between handcrafted, authentic jewelry and a contemporary design language.

The jewelry is characterized by clear and unique forms in combination with a high respect for quality and technical precision. The materiality is firmly based on the solidity of a classic and long-lasting nature. Each piece is made from both silver and gold.

All jewelry is handmade in Germany.

Company Contact
Johanna Gauder
Schillerpromenade 14
12 049 Berlin
T. +49 (0)30 555 962 22
M. +49 (0)152 534 728 80

Compose PR
Kristina Hellhake
M. +49 (0)176 704 977 30

Johanna Gauder
M. +49 (0)152 534 728 80